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What You Should Know About the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game


Games are very important and one of the things that you find people doing when they are free, having a game at your mobile phone or in your computer is one thing that will help you to pass time when you are idle or when you are relaxing. One of the games that you can have and play on your mobile is the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. If you enjoy playing a game with the series of dragon balls then this is the type of the game that you should have on your phone, if you are new to this game then you need to know some things before you start playing this game, the following are the thing that you need before you play this game.

You will find that the game contains some class types, the one that you are required to do is to make sure that you get the character that you have chosen up to the highest type of the class. |You should know that you will find some capsules in this type of the game; the capsules have a color such as blue, red and purple.

The red color capsule is used in an instance you want to take your character to the level of the training, the blue capsule is used to weaken your opponent and also help in the hp recovery, and the purple color is for the awakening of the of the character that you are using. You should also know that you will see some icons in the game, there is a grey icon for giving you the wiki Zeni character, the aiming icon for destruction, the power icon that will improve your character and the yellow cloud that you use to go to another area. To learn more about dokkan battle, follow the link.

You should also know about the link skills, the link skills will show the effect of the character will have on your opponent, for the best performance it is good to match up the characters with the same level of skills. It is also important that you know about the positioning, this will help you to line up your characters in the battle. Lastly, the other thing that you should know before you start playing the game is the awakening. From the battle it will reach a point where your character will be very weak and unable to compete in a battle, when this happens you need to awaken it by hitting the purple capsule to waken the character by making it stronger again. The best information about dokkan battle japanese is available when you click the link.